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103 Corporate Drive, Owego, New York 13827 (607) 687-1010  Google Directions Directions

Sheriff IDs
(607) 687-8460

Sheriff IDs may be obtained if:
    ♦  You are a resident of Tioga County

    ♦  You provide an original, or certified copy of your birth certificate
         along with one other form of identification 
such as:
               •  a valid Driver's License or Social Security Card and

               •  a piece of delivered mail showing your present
                  address (cannot be a PO box number)

If your name is different from the name on your birth certificate,
          you will need to bring documentation to show the reason for the
          change, such as marriage certificate, adoption papers, etc. 

The following CASH ONLY fees apply:  
      ♦  $10.00 for Seniors (Age 55 or over)

      ♦  $15.00 for all others

Contact the Records Division at (607) 687-8460 if you need further information.