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Hyper-Reach Emergency Notification Program

Tioga County has a new tool for managing emergency communications, and it is known as Hyper-Reach.  Hyper-Reach is a computer-based emergency notification and voice broadcasting system which allows for the delivery of emergency information to the public, quickly and effectively.

In the event of an emergency situation, public safety officials can utilize Hyper-Reach to send a recorded telephone message to targeted households providing important information and instructions relative to a specific emergency event, such as:

  1. Emergency evacuations
  2. Missing persons alerts
  3. Natural and Man-made disaster alerts
  4. Hazardous material spills
  5. Crime prevention alerts
  6. Homeland security alerts
  7. Public health alerts
  8. Other public safety alerts


Hyper-Reach utilizes hard-line phone numbers which are listed in phone company 911 databases.  The system is capable of delivering a 30-second emergency message to 8,000 households within one hour.  The system also provides a free option for adding cell phone numbers and/or an e-mail address for alerts.  This option is designed to include residents who do not have a traditional hard-line phone in their house and use their cell phone, and for those who wish to add additional cell phone numbers to the emergency calling database.

To add your primary cell phone number or additional phone numbers and e-mail address, follow the link below and complete the online form.  The service is free.