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103 Corporate Drive, Owego, New York 13827 (607) 687-1010  Google Directions Directions

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E911 Communications Center
irect Line: (607) 687-1010   (607) 565-2213   (607) 754-2515

Adam Bessey
Stephanie Cole
Chief Public Safety Dispatcher




The Emergency 911 Communications Center is the hub for all emergency services in Tioga County.  As the sole PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for the county, every emergency response is communicated through this center.  Twelve Public Safety Dispatchers man operations which run continuously throughout the year.  The center is F.C.C. Phase II compliant, providing the capability of receiving and identifying the location of incoming emergency calls which are made from a standard telephone, and identifying the position of a cell phone caller within 300 meters.

The center performs emergency communications for all law enforcement operating within the county including Sheriff Patrols, State Police, Environmental Conservation Police, Owego Police, and the Waverly Police.  Emergency communications for fourteen Emergency Squads/First Responder units, as well as fifteen Fire Departments; County Fire Investigation Team; County Hazmat Team; County Search and Rescue; and the Medi-Vac Helicopter.

Another integral part of the center’s mission is to serve as an “after-hours” link to a variety of service providers, such as: Tioga County Mental Health, Public Health, Social Services, Municipal Highway Departments, Animal Control, and many more.  

Direct communications are routinely maintained and exchanged with a number of State and Federal agencies including the FBI, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, DMV, National Crime Information Center, and the Office of Homeland Security.

The center currently participates in and has been awarded accreditation by the NYS Public Answering Point Accreditation Council, and has previously been recognized by the Susquehanna Regional Medical Services Council as the Outstanding Emergency Services Dispatch Center for the Susquehanna District of New York.