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Criminal Investigations                      Direct Line: (607) 687- 8462

The Tioga County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of (5) members, (1) Senior Investigator and (4) Investigators. CID is responsible for the investigation of all felony offenses, misdemeanor sexual offenses and any other sensitive investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.  CID is a non-uniformed division in which Investigators work in plain clothes.  Investigators work independently on cases assigned to them by the Senior Investigator and work collaboratively on the more complex cases.  Investigators are experienced Law Enforcement Staff that are promoted through Civil Service testing, and a promotional interview process.  They receive specialized advanced training in a variety of disciplines such as:

  •  Interview and Interrogation techniques                     
  •  Forensic Interviews
  •  Crime Scene Management and Photography
  •  Forensic Statement Analysis
  •  Illegal Drug Investigations
  •  Search Warrants
  •  Homicide and Suspicious Death Investigations
  •  Sexual Crimes
  •  Identity Theft

    Investigators work closely with the Tioga County District Attorney's Office during the prosecution phase of their assigned cases.  This requires Investigators to give related testimony in court for Evidentiary Hearings, Grand Jury Proceedings, as well as Criminal and Civil Jury Trials.  Additionally, Investigators assist other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations in Tioga County.

    Other Contact Information:  (607) 687-1010   (607) 754-2515   (607) 565-2213