Tioga County Sheriff Badge New York State Law Enforcement Accredited

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Each of the four divisions which operate within the Office of the Sheriff in Tioga County actively participates in, and has been awarded, Accreditation.

Accreditation is a process in which an agency must validate their operating policies and procedures conform to, or exceed, standards established by a group of independent professionals within the Public Safety profession.  These standards represent, and are widely accepted as Best Practices within the Public Safety field, and are meant to promote effective operations which are efficient, transparent, and promote public confidence. The Tioga County Sheriff's Office has a Use of Force Policy that governs its necessity.  Use of Force is outlined in Policy #19 in the department's Policy and Procedures manual.

During the validation process, each division is inspected and evaluated by a team of independent professionals to verify that all applicable standards have been implemented.  Collectively, more than 466 standards were reviewed and declared to have met or exceed the respective standards. 

Accreditation is a significant accomplishment.  It demonstrates an agency's commitment to establishing and maintaining high standards which meet or exceed expectations of quality in the Public Safety field.          



Accrediting Organization           

Law Enforcement 110 NYS Law Enforcement Accreditation Council
Corrections (Jail) 166 NYS Sheriff's Association
Civil Office 121 NYS Sheriff's Association
E911 Communications 70 NYS Sheriff's Association